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 After a course of CACI Synergy, our clients are thrilled with their results. Please read their stories below:

Facial Palsy Client

“I suffered facial palsy as a result of brain surgery to remove a tumour, six years ago. The palsy is measured on House-Brackmann Facial Nerve grading. Mine initially was severe, grade V1. This is important when determining when to help someone with palsy.

There are many “private” clinics which offer a tens type treatment plan but this was not for me. Total lack of information in stimulating or training the face to help movement post surgery and most have botox after surgery to regain their symmetry or smile.

I initially had CACI six months after surgery, the salon did not understand ethics behind facial palsy and provided an excellent service but as a cosmetic, beauty therapy but no understanding of palsy! CACI was in fact created for palsy patients – a massive loop hole in the market, not offered as a treatment plan to patients! The treatment I had was very different to what I have recently experienced. My face was left swollen and indeed my fault for trying too early.

Each year my paralysis has improved. The feeling is less tight and my mouth now can move independently to the eye, this nerve is co-joined! My face is more symmetrical however droops when tired and speech becomes slurred. I chose to embark on new treatment plan as felt happier how I looked and confident to start again with a different attitude. It’s an expensive investment but against botox I felt at my stage it’s a good one!

I had two sessions over five weeks. My skin I thought over each week became more glowing and healthy looking. Dawn gave a thorough explanation of each stage and was genuinely interested in the facial palsy stages. It was hard for us to judge how much effort was required in the palsy side. I did not notice the intensity as that particular side of face is quite numb etc. The forehead was tender as expected. We took pictures over the weeks and noticed less lines – difficulty is I only have lines on the non palsy side!! As I age the lines will probably get worse on my non palsy side which maybe a Botox option! However probably the fifth session my face did feel more equal and definitely noticed the difference. I feel the whole treatment has stimulated my facial nerve which has had to regenerate 26cm! I probably have delayed my maintenance plan due to “life” business but the ten sessions seem to be the most beneficial..

It’s very hard to explain but as a treatment it has and if benefit me drastically. My skin was lifted and it’s very tricky to get both sides equal. I really need probably two a month to step things back up.

Dawn was professional and I fully trusted her as CACI treatments are very personally. I would still strongly recommend those without palsy as the results are remarkable. Think the tightness for me was the best feeling on my palsy side and my eye looked sparky and more open. I felt better about how I looked and how I could apply make up again around both eyes!!! Dawn took her time to explain the different levels and types of procedures. I feel that the treatment lasted and the “muscle facial memory” will be there and should, I hope get a quick reaction to the stimulation.  Definately stimulated the nerves in my face and fab result, but best time five/six years after regeneration.

Like going back to training, walking, gym,  for the face.”


“The reason that I decided to try caci was that I turn 40 this year and wanted to look my best and not too haggared. (kids certainly age you!) I notice from the pictures that Dawn took at the beginning and at the end of the 10 sessions that my face has definitely improved. A lot less lines, a red blood capillary spot very faded and less age blemishes. The disappointing thing is no one said to me ‘you look fantastic’, but what they did say was ‘have you lost weight?’

So they noticed something, but they couldn’t quite pin point what it was, as the treatment is gradual. I think if you went from session 0 to 10 in one session you would probably have more comments from people.  As when I look back at the pictures I realise there is a big change from photo one session one to photo 10 session 10.You ultimately don’t want people to notice. You want them to think ‘Wow she looks great for her age’.

I have loved every session with Dawn.  She is great at her job and very knowledgeable about all the aspects of CACI.  She is that good that I have booked another 10 treatments up front, as I know she will give it her all, as she want the best for all her clients.

I would recommend Dawn in a heart beat. To put it frankly she is AWESOME!”


Body treatment Review

“I decided to try CACI when Dawn advertised it as my daughter’s wedding was a few months away and I wanted my stomach to be as toned as possible to look at my best as mother of the bride!

The 10 sessions were short enough to easily incorporate into my schedule. I also continued my daily Pilates, incorporating stomach exercises into my routine and Dawn advised cutting down on sugar so I did that too. I can honestly say I noticed a slight toning effect after about 2 sessions then didn’t notice much change until nearer the end of the sessions. I was very pleased with the end result and have maintained the improvement in tone some 2 months later.

Dawn is extremely proficient in her use of the equipment and I had every confidence in the treatment and the advice given. The salon is comfortable and tastefully decorated and she makes sure the treatment a very relaxing experience.”


 “I have known Dawn for 3 years and have also heard of the CACI non surgical facelift….so put these together and I knew I was onto a winner.

I am 45, look after my skin but just felt like age and wrinkles were creeping up on me.   I am not keen on the idea of Botox or surgery but was definitely keen on a course of facials that would improve my skin texture overall and improve fine lines and wrinkles.  I did make the commitment to see Dawn twice a week and absolutely loved the CACI treatments.   After the first treatment I could see my lines around my eyes start to smooth and my forehead also seemed to smooth a little.   I have deep frown lines so it was never going to combat these immediately.

The treatments have made me really aware of frowning, I can feel my forehead creep into a frown and try to stop it now.   I feel like when I wake up in the morning my skin feels fresher and less saggy and I have ditched all my fancy day face creams for a great factor 50 every single day.

After 10 treatments people have commented on my skin looking good, it is less puffy, make up goes on easier and even my husband noticed how much smoother the wrinkles look.   I am really happy and I have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘me time’ this forced me to have, especially as Dawn’s salon is in such a peaceful place and you get straight in your car when you are done!

Although elements of the facial can be quite sensational at times I managed to relax all the way through.   Dawn is a fantastic therapist.  I worked as a therapist for years and what I love about Dawn is that she has taken her knowledge of CACI and tailors it to every individual.   For example, my forehead needs work so sometimes she spends more time on that area.   Not every therapist has the confidence to do that, I trained in CACI many moons ago and watched people go through the motions rather than put their all into it.

If you are thinking of doing it and don’t want to go down a drastic route I would highly recommend CACI done by Dawn!”


 Cellulite removal and buttock lift

“I first saw Dawn  back in the beginning of the summer .  I eat well and train hard but after reading the reviews about CACI I thought I’d give it a go .

I wasn’t expecting a miracle but just a little lift and tightening . Dawn was honest and very professional . I loved the results and will continue with maintaining the results I’ve achieved . My mum is now going to try the CACI face lift . Looking forward to seeing how that goes.”